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Aadhaar Indian Polity Batch (Recorded Session Batch)
The Subscription involves recorded sessions of Indian Polity Completely taken by Ashish Sir in the ongoing live batch of 2024.
Anytime Public Administration Optional Foundation Batch June (2024)
Anytime Public Administration Optional Foundation Batch June (2024)

Subscription Package

Take Your UPSC Preparation to Next Level with Trust IAS learning Platform

Live Classes

Chat with Ashish Sir, ask your doubts, and get answers in real-time.

Recorded classes

Get Daily recorded within 1-2 hours after the live class.

Class notes & Assignments

Ellaborate class notes and Assignments on every topic with detailed feedback.

Structured courses

All our classes are structured in line with your exam syllabus to help you best prepare for it

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About Trust IAS

Trust IAS is an initiative by Ashish Kumar Sir, who is well known for his Polity classes and highly interactive teaching style. Trust IAS is taking a new approach to the regular boring classes by breaking down the most difficult topics into the simplest forms. Students get a smooth interactive live class to experience even on the 4G mobile network. We provide detailed feedback on every assignment that helps you to learn and grow faster. We also have a dedicated technical team of experts so that you don't have to waste your time on automated support e-mails.


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