Online Indian Polity Test Series by Ashish Kumar Sir(faculty)

Click here for Registration ( Use Laptops and Desktops only) Total Tests : 14 ; Total Fee : 1850 (including Taxes) Serial Number of Tests. Topics. 1. ·         Making of Constitution of India, ·         Salient Features of Constitution and ·         Preamble. 2. ·         Fundamental Rights, ·         Directive Principle of State Policy. ·         Citizenship 3. ·         […]

India’s National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI) 2019-2024. (Source RBI)

India’s NSFI is in co ordination to a World Bank 2018 Programme called Developing and Operationalizing a National Financial Inclusion Strategy (DONFIS). The DONFIS is part of World Bank group’s Vision “Universal Financial Access by 2020”. However each Country has its own Socio Economic Realities and challenges. Thus each country shall device its own Financial Inclusion […]