Baajra – The Pearl Millet.

  • → Baajra is used as food in dry regions of the country.
  • →The stalk is used to feed animals.
  • →In certain areas Baajra is used for thatching purpose.

Learning objectives.

  • Conditions for growth.
  • Production.
  • Distribution.

Condition for Growth.

  • Baajra is a crop of dry and warm areas.Where in annual rainfall is 40-50 cm.
  • It is very rare that baajra grow in area with rainfall more than 100 cm annually.
  • Optimum Temperature required for baajra is 25°c to 30°c .
  • Bright sunlight after light shower is very useful in early stages of growth.
  • Bajra is a kharif crop,it is sown between May and September  and harvested between October and February & March.
  • Baajra can be grown in poor sandy soils,black and red soils and on upland gravely soil.
  • It is majorly grown as a mixed crop,with Cotton ,Jowar or Ragi.
  • It is mostly rain fed crop and very seldom requires irrigation.

Production of Baajra.

  • Production of bajara has witnessed huge fluctuation when observed between 1950-51 to 2003-04
  • on an average, there is an overall increase in the production.
  • Expect the area of production, there is increase in yield as well in production.
  • Nearly 80% of baajra is produced by four states Maharashtra , Gujarat  , U.P and Rajasthan.

Distribution of Baajra.

  • Maharashtra is the highest producer of bajra in India. Its production of bajra is 24% of total production in India.In Maharashtra the central plateau region where temperature is high and soil is poor is main producer of bajara.
  • Gujarat is 2nd largest producer of bajara.It accounts for 19% of total bajara production in India .The sandy tracts and semi arid zones in India are main source of production of bajara.
  • Uttar-pradesh is 3rd largest producer of bajara its production is close to the production of Gujarat.It also accounts for 19% of total production of bajara in India. Uttar-Pradesh has highest yield of bajara .
  • Rajasthan used to be the largest producer of bajara in the country but now its position in bajajra production is 4th with largest area under bajara cultivation,Rajasthan has lowest yield among all states.

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