Ragi and Barley.

     Ragi( Figurine millet or buck wheat )

  • Mainly grown in dry parts of south India . North India also contributes a small amount of Ragi production.
  • Temperature required is 20°c to 30°c ,Rainfall required is 50-100 cm ,soil required red ,light black and sandy loam ,as well as can be cultivated in well drained alluvium loams.
  • It is a rain fed kharif crop,which is sown between may and August and harvested between September and January.
  • Main Ragi producers are  Karnataka (52%) ,Tamil-Nadu (14%), Uttrakhand (10%) and Maharashtra (8%).



  • Besides food, it is used to manufacture Alcoholic beverages.
  • Grown in areas where temperature is between 10°c to 15°c and it requires a rainfall between 75 cm to 100 cm.
  • High heat and high humidity is very harmful for barley.
  • In valleys of western Himalayas and Great plains its a Rabi Crop.
  • Production of barley has shown a decline between 1960 to 2003.
  • The decline is of 50%.
  • There was a decline in area under barley cultivation however the yield has improved with 2.5 times between 1960-2003
  • Barley cultivation was majorly replaced by Wheat cultivation.
  • Uttar-pradesh is  main producer of barley its produces 40% of total production in India.
  • Rajasthan is 2nd largest producer of barley produces 30%
  • Thus U.P and Rajasthan accounts for 2/3 production of barley.



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