Soil Health Card (SHC) Scheme.(Tag line – Swasth Dhara- Khet Hara)

·         Ministry  Responsible·         The Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.
·         Objective.·         A SHC is meant to give each farmer soil nutrient status of his holding and advice him on the dosage of fertilizers and also the needed soil amendments, that he should apply to maintain soil health in the long run.
·         Soil Health Card

·         SHC is a printed report that a farmer will be handed over for each of his holdings.

·          It will contain the status of his soil with respect to 12 parameters, namely

·         N,P,K (Macro-nutrients) ;

·         S (Secondary- nutrient) ;

·         Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Bo(Micro – nutrients) ;

·         Soil  pH,

·         Soil Electrical conductivity (EC) ,

·         Soil Organic carbon (OC)

·         Use of a SHC.

·         The card will contain an advisory based on the soil nutrient status of a farmer’s holding.

·         It will show recommendations on dosage of different nutrients needed.

·         Further, it will advise the farmer on the fertilizers and their quantities he should apply, and also the soil amendments that he should undertake, so as to realize optimal yields

·         Validity of Soil Health Card.·         3 years
·         Soil Collection Responsibility.

·         The State Government will collect samples through the staff of their Department of Agriculture or

·          Through the staff of an outsourced agency.

·         The State Government may also involve the students of local Agriculture / Science Colleges.

·         Soil testing is permissible :

·         At the Soil testing labs (STLs) owned by the Department of Agriculture

·          At the STLs owned by the outsourced agency and by their staff.

·          At Indian Council for Agricultural Research ‘s Institutions including Kisan Vikas Kendras and State Agriculture Universities.

·          At the laboratories of the Science Colleges/Universities by the students under supervision of a Professor/ Scientist.


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