National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme. (NAPS)

1. Ministry Responsible ·              Ministry of skill Development and Entrepreneurship.
2. Launch Date ·              19th August 2016


3. Objective:


·              To promote Apprenticeship training.

·              To incentivize employer who wish to engage apprentices.

·              To increase engagement of apprentices from 2.3 lakh to 50 lakh by 2020.


4.  Important components of the scheme. ·              Reimbursement of 25% of stipend subject to maximum of Rs 1500 per month per apprentice by the government of India to all employers who engage apprentice.

·              Employers who are engaging apprentices under the apprentice act 1961 are exempted towards contribution of EPF and ESI for apprentices.



5. Implementation Body


1.       Regional Directorate of apprenticeship Training (RDAT) – for central public sector undertakings and those private establishments operating in 4 or more states.

2.       State Apprenticeship adviser :- for state public sector undertaking and private sectors establishments in their respective states.


6. Apprenticeship Training



·        Includes basic training and on job training.

·        Basic Training includes 1/5th to 1/4th of overall duration of apprenticeship training.

·        Remaining period is utilized for on job  training.


7. Eligibility of Apprenticeship


·        Completed 14 years of age.

·        Physically fit (as per requirements of job)

·        Minimum qualification (as demanded for any job)


8. Who is an apprentice ? Apprentice is a person who enters into a contract with the employer for apprenticeship training under the apprentices act.


9. Trades – Designated (Identified/ Specified) and Optional. As per the schemes, trade can be of two types considered for apprenticeship training – Designated and Optional.

Designated (Identified/Specified) trades are recognized jobs by the Government of India. Optional Trades are not recognized under Govt of India, but an employer can keep an apprentice for a new type of job profile by submitting its description on Apprenticeship Portal.


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